What you should know before selecting a child care center for your toddler


Most parents consider sending of their little ones for child care especially when they feel that they have to get back to work and would want somebody to look after their little ones. Although keeping a nanny is an option but something which is not feasible for many.

The following things would help you select the right child care in time ensure that your little one gets the most out of the early childhood education.

Register early at a child care center

These days parents who are expecting start registering for childcare at that time only. The waiting list keep getting longer and if you have your heart set up on a certain day care you may need to sign up as early as possible. Before you do that means so that you have found out about the day care center by doing proper research and asking other parents about it as well.

Try visiting different facilities

It is important that any child care Centre whether it is professional or home based is licensed and they also have the documentation to prove it. However despite the fact that all of these might be approve not all are equal. There could be differences in the regulations and the way the children are monitored out there. What actually counts is how you and your child feels about a specific place and whether they would be comfortable over there or not. There are things like the staff demeanor, the cleanliness of the place and the environment which would help you make the right decision.

Check out their report

All licensed daycares are scored. You would be able to request a report if it is not posted at the center, in fact you can also search for it online.

After checking out the report you would be able to determine how much they charge for providing child care facilities and whether they have age requirement. Many child Care centers are only open for children who are 18 months and older and there are few centers willing to include the cost which comes with high staff to child ratio.

Other thing that you should consider is whether the staff is registered as childhood educators. Certification means they are trained in helping children develop milestones from infancy to the age of 6. Get to know if they hold any parent teacher meetings or like to involve parents during activities.

Do not forget to ask about the curriculum because it would help you understand the philosophy and how they would be educating your child. Whether they are planning to discipline the children or not and how they go about it.

Its also important to consider the safety procedures and to see whether they are up to it or not. Staff member should be aware of CPR training and should know how to administer it in case of an emergency.

Keeping the above mentioned things in mind would help you select the right child care in Newmarket for your children.