The art of being a creative 10 steps to make yourself known


For artists, the big problem to solve is to show off. Honoré de Balzac said it in the 1800s. And even if today’s artists are certainly less difficult to make themselves known thanks to social networks, having some advice on how to move on the net is certainly useful. Austin Kleon, artist, writer and consultant of Google, Pixar, Foursquare and TEDx, thought about it in the book “Sowing as an artist” (Vallardi, pp. 124, euro 12), which contains 10 ideas to share creativity and make known your work.

“I had in mind to create a sort of manual for beginners and this is what I produced: a book for those who hate the very idea of ​​self-promotion. An alternative, one might say, to self-promotion ”, Kleon writes in the introduction, entitled ‘A new way of operating’. Which? Sharing, or talking about your projects, regularly put online fragments of your works and what you are learning. In short, if in the previous book (“Steal as an artist”, Vallardi), Kleon explained how to take inspiration from others’ ideas and re-elaborate them with creativity, this time he teaches to fascinate others, “so that they will steal from you”.